Powerful PostScript patterns for InDesign
  • Create custom backgrounds and borders
  • Each pattern offers endless possiblities
  • 3 free patterns included, PatternPack adds 13 more



For InDesign CC

$49 USD / year

Create Custom Backgrounds & Borders for Adobe InDesign

Highly Customizable

Adjust size, shift gaps between elements, increase "jitter" -- each pattern has its own set of controls, all accessible through one simple palette. See an example >

Custom Controls for Each Pattern

One simple palette lets you modify all the different parameters in each pattern. See an example >

Native InDesign Effects

Drop shadow, feathering, skew, shear and all other native InDesign effects can be applied to the patterns with incredible results! See an example >

3 Free Patterns

PatternMaker includes three patterns (Crosses, Lines and Scallops) that you can use absolutely free!

Pattern Presets

You can create, save and re-use pattern presets. Put all your settings together in a preset and then apply them as many times as you need.

PostScript Patterns For InDesign, Custom Background Creation Software for Adobe InDesign