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PatternMaker 1.0
Replace images with precision and speed

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Often publications have work flows that involve placing rough lo-res for-position-only (FPO) images when producing a layout. The designer will position, scale and rotate the lo-res FPO images as they should appear in the final layout. After the hi-res image is obtained, the designer needs to replace the lo-res with the hi-res image. The position, scale, rotation and cropping that was applied to the FPO image now needs to be applied to the high resolution replacement. To go through this process manually is tedious and time consuming.

ImageSwapper makes this process fast and simple. The user selects two points on both the original and replacement image, and with that information ImageSwapper will automatically calculate how much the replacement image should be rotated and scaled, while offering the option to manually override any setting. It features a single, straightforward dialog and offers numerous features that enable fast, precise, seamless replacement of lo-res images.

Simple and effective
Choose two points on the original image and the same two points on the replacement image, and ImageSwapper will calculate the exact rotation and scaling necessary.

Precision control
Use the visual tools to quickly set up an image swap, then fine tune changes with ImageSwapper's manual controls. ImageSwapper allows you to separately enable, disable, and override scale and rotation amounts, and it will also let you set minimum thresholds.

Built for production speed
Replace all images in a document in a single sitting. ImageSwapper is loaded with features to save time and increase efficiency. Just a few features include:
  • Simple and effective user interface
  • Detailed, high resolution views of original and replacement images
  • Visual placement of reference points
  • Manual override options for greater precision
  • Tracks replaced images as you work
  • Replaces multiple instances of same file all at once or one at a time
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Press Releases
February 15, 2006
ImageSwapper Released