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TypeFitter Pro
Automatic copy fitting in Adobe InDesign

  • Copy fit without compromising typography
  • Automatically fix widows, oversets, short columns and more
  • Quick to learn and easy to use

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Automatically find and fix copy problems
The simple TypeFitter panel lets you quickly and easily find and fix problems in your type with just a few simple buttons.
Create custom typefit rules
Only want to find oversets some documents, but need to find oversets and balance columns other times? With TypeFitter Pro's ability to create custom typefit rules, it's not problem.

Precision type fitting
TypeFitter's algorithms search for the smallest possible change to fix your type. Additionally, every rule is fully customizable -- you can adjust what text is modified, what attributes are modified, and what the limits are on how much TypeFitter can change.

Highlight or remove changes
TypeFitter Pro will track all the changes it makes so that you if you change your mind at any point you can easily remove the changes its made. It also can highlight any text that its modified, so you can quickly see where you've fit text..
Revision History
For InDesign CC and higher
$49 USD / year
For earlier InDesign versions
$99 USD one time price
(single InDesign version only)
See upgrade page for upgrade pricing