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PatternMaker 1.0

Making connections with Adobe InDesign

  • Connect data to InDesign documents
  • Merge data into multiple pages
  • Integrates with BarcodeMaker for barcode merge

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PatternMaker 1.0

Link InDesign documents to ODBC databases

  • Connect to ODBC compliant data sources
  • Create data sources from SQL statements
  • Unicode encoding for foreign languages

Price $199

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GREP Formatting
Take all of the powerful formatting ability offered by GREP find/change and apply it to data as it flows in from the database. Now you have almost no limits to the sorts of changes you want to apply to your data, whether it is currency formatting, percentage formatting, or any other possibility you can imagine.
Scripting power with XML Rules
Write simple scripts using InDesgin's XML Rule scripting feature and modify your layout based on the data coming from your database. For example, say you're creating an employee directory, and you want to color code the entries based on the department each person is in. With DataLinker CS3, implementing that is just a simple script away!
Adding features with scripting
Want to update only one field in your database, but over the entire document? The new sample scripts that come with DataLinker make it easy, and if you don't like the way it works, you can go into the script and change it!
Straightforward Control
One palette controls all of the plug-in's capabilities and with just a few clicks, data is connected.
Powerful Merge Ability
Automatically merge data into placeholders, creating new pages as needed. Hundreds of pages can be generated with a click of a button.
Unlimited Possibilities
Link numerous data sources! Itís easy to connect CSV and ODBC data sources to an InDesign document with DataLinker.
Formatting Flexibility
Have the ability to automatically format data as it is placed into a document according to settings created for each field.
Updated Information
DataLinker will automatically insert new information or changes made to a data source with its synchronize feature that allows either one field to be updated individually or the entire document.
Download for CS2
Download for CS3 and higher
Download for CS2
Download for CS3
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Download for CS5 and higher
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