Palette Manager 2.0

Meant for any InDesign user looking for maximum efficiency, the Palette Manager will make InDesign help manage palettes for you. Tired of palettes getting in the way when you don't need them and being far away when you do? The Palette Manager will have a number of features designed to bring you the palettes you need when you need them and to keep palettes you don't need out of the way.


  • Intelligent - Allows users to create settings for specific kinds of objects, such as graphic frames or text frames.
  • Fully customizable - The Palette Manager does everything according to user settings. No two users will use it in exactly the same way.
  • Versatile - Settings for graphic frames, text boxes, splines, and more.
  • Completely seamless - With a minimal user interface, the Palette Manager hums along in the background, blending seamlessly with your work habits.

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