Teacup moves to subscriptions with InDesign CC 2014
July 19, 2014

Brooklyn, NY, July 29, 2014 – Teacup Software announced its move to a subscriptions pricing model for its plug-ins for InDesign starting with the 2014 release of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Teacup’s industry-leading BarcodeMakerDataLinker and PatternMaker plug-ins are all now available for download for InDesign CC 2014. The plug-ins add a variety of features to InDesign, inlcuding automated copy-fitting, intuitive barcode capability, and advanced databased publishing. They are used in by major magazine, book and catalog publishers, as well as advertising agencies, government agencies and educational institutions throughout the world.

Teacup’s plug-ins can now be subscribed to on an annual basis, and include free upgrades to new versions of Adobe InDesign and free feature upgrades of the plug-ins.

Subscriptions Pricing and availability

The new subscription versions for InDesign CC 2014 can be downloaded from Teacup’s website. Subscriptions can be purchased here, and pricing is as follows:

$89 / year

DataLinker (includes ODBC connector)
$129 / year

TypeFitter Pro
$49 / year

$49 / year



Existing Teacup customers are being offered a 40% discount off the first year’s subscription. Additionally, existing Teacup customers who have a license for InDesign CC can use their serial numbers in InDesign CC 2014 at no cost. Though they will be asked to move to the subscription model for future versions, for CC 2014 their existing serial numbers will work.

About Teacup Software, Inc.

Teacup Software, Inc. is focused on creating simple, elegant solutions
exclusively for Adobe InDesign. In addition to its ready-made plug-in products,
Teacup also offers consulting services for custom plug-in development for Adobe
InDesign. In both its consulting and development work, Teacup is dedicated to
doing the extra work it takes to create products that are transparent and
easy-to-use. Teacup is always looking for ways to simplify, simplify, simplify.