• Datalinker Revision History
    • Fixed crash bugs with adding invalid data sources - we now show helpful error messages instead of crashing
    • Fixed problems with missing images not showing consistently or with consistent language April 24 2006 Initial Release for InDesign CS-2 October 18 2006 Update walkthrough document, fix a rounding error, improved merging of images. May 7 2008 Released version for InDesign CS3 May 12 2008 CS3 version was picking up CS2 install date -- that issue is fixed. November 26 2008 Released version for InDesign CS4. December 26 2008 On some Windows configurations, the plug-ins weren't loading correctly. February 17, 2009 Windows CS4 only build to fix manual activation. February 21, 2009 Windows CS4 only build - activation sometimes incorretly rejected serial numbers because they were too short, even when they weren't. April 3, 2009 Fixed issues with barcode merging. April 30, 2009 Windows only fix to work with MySQL 5.1 driver. June 23, 2009 Fixed CS4 only problems where data sources were sometimes lost on startup. January 21, 2010 New release for compatability with BarcodeMaker 2D. December 16, 2010 New release for inDesign CS5. July 27, 2011 New release for inDesign CS5.5. August 4, 2011 Fixing an issue with deactivation on Windows only September 16, 2011 Missing images would sometimes cause unexpected behavior. That's now fixed. July 9, 2012 CS6 release September 12, 2013 CC (9.0) release July 25, 2014 Release for InDesign CC 2014 July 29, 2014 Fix for activating on Macintosh in CC 2014 July 31, 2014 Fix for subscriptions March 3, 2015 Bug fixes April 15, 2015 Improvements to Windows installers June 21, 2015 Bug fixes, support for CC 2015. June 23, 2015 Fixed a Windows installer issue for CC 2015. June 30, 2015 Fixed a Windows issue where under some configurations InDesign would freeze on startup after one successful startup. August 18, 2015 Fixed installers for Windows 10, fixed some scripts in DataLinker's action menu February 26, 2016 Rewritten and improved CSV parser.
    Added ability to do a merge across multiple documents and merge documents together at the end. March 6, 2016 Fixed activation issue March 8, 2016 Fixed Mac side activation issue March 17, 2016 A few more minor fixes to activation. March 21, 2016 Ignore images (rather than inserting error text) if there's no image available. April 8, 2016 Fixed issue with merging tables that are inside a text flow. May 26, 2016 Added ability to add proxy information to activation dialog. July 13, 2016 Fixed activation problem on Mac. Entering numeric license wouldn't bring up password dialog. Now it does. August 11, 2016 New feature! You can now merge across multiple spreads, and you no longer need to merge into text frames that come from master pages. November 3, 2016 Release for CC 2017. January 31, 2017 Connecting to Excel spreadsheets on Windows wasn't working
    Fixed an issue where activating over a proxy with no user name or password wasn't working March 6, 2017 Deactivation improvements, fixed issue with special characters in paths to CSV file April 25, 2017 Fixed dangling database handles that could happen after editing data sources in the ODBC plug-in June 7, 2017 Optimizations for synchronizing large data sets and merging large fields August 2, 2017 Fix for manual activation, CS6 Mac only November 7, 2017 Release for CC 2018 January 22, 2018 Bugfix and maintenance release June 14, 2019 InDesign CC 2019 Windows only - Fixed an issue with activation November 11, 2019 Release for InDesign 2020 December 26, 2019 Fixes to our XML parser March 30, 2020 Added manual activation October 21, 2020 Release for InDesign 2021 June 9, 2021 Release for InDesign 2021 16.3 that supports M1 Macs. Also released a new build for 16.0-16.2 that fixes some bugs. October 18, 2021 Release for InDesign 2021 that fixes some bugs. October 27, 2021 Release for InDesign 2022, support for silent activation and deactivation in InDesign 2021 and 2022. October 29, 2021 Fix for activation December 23, 2021 Fix for activating with a proxy, don't show palettes on every startup. October 23, 2022 Release for InDesign 2023 October 29, 2023 Release for InDesign 2024 November 6, 2023 New installer for Windows only for InDesign 19.0.1
    The most current release is always the one that can be downloaded from our website. To tell what release you have installed, you can select the "Configure Plug-Ins..." menu item (under Help in Windows or the InDesign menu on the Mac), and then double click on the plug-in.  Plug-ins are listed alphabetically by file name. In the configure plug-in dialog, look for the text labeled "Version".  The first two numbers are the version number.  The last number is the build number.  Teacup will occasionally release patch fixes where only the build number of the plug-in will change.