• Teacup Releases Plug-ins for InDesign CC (9.0)
    September 12, 2013

    Brooklyn, NY, September 12, 2013 – Teacup Software today released upgrades for its plug-ins that are compatible with the Adobe’s Creative Cloud version of InDesign. The plug-ins, which include BarcodeMakerDataLinker and PatternPack, are available for download and purchase from Teacup’s website.

    Barcode Plug-ins Combined – Teacup also announced that its two market leading barcode creation plug-ins, are being combined into a  single product under the name BarcodeMaker. The combined product features over 50 barcodes, including traditional single dimension barcodes like ISBN and UPC, and newer two dimensional barcodes like DataMatrix and PDF417.

    Pricing –  The combined BarcodeMaker sells for $249. DataLinker is $299, and the ODBC Add-on for DataLinker is priced at $199. TypeFitter Pro and PatternPack are priced at $99.

    Upgrades – Existing users upgrading to a new version of InDesign can do so for 60% off the retail price. However, existing users of BarcodeMaker or BarcodeMaker 2D are being offered an additional discount for upgrading because of the new pricing structure. They will be able to upgrade for $74, a discount of over 70%.

    Download and purchase – Upgrades can be purchased at Teacup’s upgrade page.  Free 20-day trial downloads are available at Teacup’s website.  The plug-ins are available for purchaseTe for InDesign CS2 through InDesign CC.

    About Teacup Software, Inc.

    Teacup Software, Inc. is focused on creating simple, elegant solutions
    exclusively for Adobe InDesign. In addition to its ready-made plug-in products,
    Teacup also offers consulting services for custom plug-in development for Adobe
    InDesign. In both its consulting and development work, Teacup is dedicated to
    doing the extra work it takes to create products that are transparent and
    easy-to-use. Teacup is always looking for ways to simplify, simplify, simplify.